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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 18, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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who would have thought a month ago or six weeks ago, we would have been talking about herman cain being on top of some of these polls. it will be interesting, carol. we look forward to seeing you bright and early and a little tired tomorrow morning. cnn "newsroom" with kyra phillips starts right now. good morning. >> good morning, guys. this morning we are counting down and antying up in las vegas. it gets under way less than 11 hours from now. and the stakes are extremely high. a new poll shows two of three republican voters have still not decided on a nominee. here's how things are stacking up right now. mitt romney and herman cain are deadlocked in a virtual tie, according to our latest cnn/orc poll. former frontrunner rick perry slides to a distant third and ron paul is nipping at his heels. jim acosta is in vegas. we'll talk to him about who is under the most pressure to perform well tonight.
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we'll be going live to las vegas to catch up with jim in just a second. all right, meanwhile, let's go to senior political editor mark preston, also in vegas while we're waiting to hear from our jim acosta. mark, we have just been talking about these new polls that were released a few moments ago as we are preparing for the presidential debate tonight. okay. this is live television, folks. it's like a juggling act when you have about three live shots to get to in las vegas. jim acosta, are you in place? there we go. we got you. >> this is a, this is of no fault of my own, kyra. i promise you. >> did you have a late night in vegas, jim? >> listen, what happens in vegas, kyra. that's all i have to say. no. the lovely carol costello, carol had to move off and mark preston
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and i had to move in. this is live tv. we have to roll with the punches here. we got a little debate tonight, what do you think, kyra? >> yes, we do. >> we have been talking about, you know, just who, i guess the latest polls and who the frontrunners are and herman cain, obviously, we've talked so much about whether he can hold this top status right now. what's your take? what are you looking forward toward tonight? what's the buzz? >> well, what i'm watching tonight, carol, is mitt romney. you know, he is sort of the kid who's at the head of the claswhen it comes to these debates. he's aced nearly all of them and, you know, i think if romney continues to play it safe, he is going to start feeding into this narrative that he is inevitable nominee. i don't want to steal the thunder of my colleague here, mark preston, he will have poll numbers here in just a second about how republicans feel at this point. they're sort of becoming vegas
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oddsmakers. they sort of see at this point mitt romney as the guy who will take this nomination. if he doesn't make any big mistakes tonight, he'll put himself, again, on that path towards the nomination. herman cain, on the other hand, he is the likable candidate. he is the candidate that all republicans like to talk about and like to listen to. the problem for herman cain, kyra, is that he gets out there on the stump and he makes statements like he did over the weekend about immigration, talking about building an electric fence along the u.s./mexican border. people like what he's saying and people like the simplicity of his 9-9-9 economic plan. they're not sure he is presidential and in part because of these controversial remarks that he makes from time to time. so, that is the challenge for herman cain and, of course, rick perry who has fallen to a distant third, he has switched places with herman cain as the unromney at this point. romney has to find a way to get back into the conversation among republicans and get back into some kind of contention with
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republicans as to whether or not he could be this nominee. he has a big case to make tonight. kyra. >> all right, jim. now, i know you're in the same location as mark preston, am i safe -- there we go. i'm safe to talk to mark. >> don't worry, he's here. >> another late night in vegas. now, i see the thing. jim and mark were out very late on the strip last night. so, mark, you've been talking about these new polls that were just released a few hours ago. let's talk about the shifting landscape for a moment and what are you paying attention to? what are you noticing now as these new numbers come out? >> well, you know, carol, we're getting so close now to a point where candidates are actually going to have to face the voters, you know. they've been on the campaign trail for most of the year and only a couple hours away from tonight's debate. the question is, who is the most likable candidate right now among republican voters and i don't think we should be surprised that it is the
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charismatic herman cain. look at these new poll numbers just released a couple hours ago. herman cain on top at 34% followed closely by mitt romney. most people think he is the most electable candidate. then there is quite a bit of a drop after that. texas governor rick perry down at 13%. now, rick perry has had a pretty tough time, kyra, in the past few debates. i think tonight that his campaign is hoping that he can turn it around. after that, it is the rest of the field all in single digits. kyra? >> also, we have the primary voting season starting to firm up. what's the latest developments there? >> the latest developments. iowa will hold their caucus night on january 3rd. this is the night they held it in 2008. why is this significant? significant because the candidates will have basically one day, perhaps one and a half days around christmas to spend some time with their families and then they will be on the campaign trail in iowa and perhaps in new hampshire. now, to make this all very confusing and very difficult,
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new hampshire might hold their primary in december. might not even be in the month of january. so, the primary calendar, very confusing right now. we do know right now that iowa will be on january 3rd where we sit here in nevada, they'll hold their contests on the 14th. south carolina on january 21 and then florida later in the month. but before we even get to that, of course, we are going to focus on tonight's debate here in las vegas, but there is a new debate now, kyra, that has just been announced just in the past few hours overnight cnn has announced that they will be working with the heritage foundation and american enterprise institute. two conservative think tanks that focus on domestic issues, but also foreign policy. we haven't heard a whole lot of talk in these debates over the past several months on the issue of national security and foreign policy. the national security debate will take place on november 15th in washington, d.c., kyra. >> okay, jim and mark, thanks so much. tonight, live on cnn, the republican candidates, as we've been telling you, are going to
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go head-to-head in vegas. our anderson cooper there at 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight on cnn. all right, your next political update in just about an hour. go to our website, too, for all the political news. one israeli soldier exchanged for more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners. it's a prisoner swap that might get the peace process moving again. we've got team coverage this morning. matthew chance is in gaza where some freed prisoners were sent. and zain verjee is going to join us from london with international reaction. fred, let's start with you. tell us about the homecoming. it's been five years. >> yeah, it certainly is going to be a big homecoming and a big welcome that shalit is going to receive here after five years in hamas captivity. the people of this hometown have draped it in blue and white. posters have been hung up saying welcome home. they have put white roses on the
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sidewalk outside of his home. the big question right here is the health of gilad shalit. during an initial helicopter ride to an israeli military base he had some health issue there's. he's undergoing some evaluation at that military base right now and then they'll evaluate whether or not they're going to be able to chopper him from that military base here to his hometown or whether or not they're going to have to drive him. we've seen those initial pictures of gilad shalit after being released for the first time after meeting his family. he looks very frail and very weak and we'll wait and see how and what the israeli defense forces and the medics there evaluate. certainly once he comes here, he'll receive a big hero's welcome. >> let's go to zain verjee in london. zain, let's talk about the world reaction to the news this morning. >> a lot of international
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reaction, kyra. let's go straight to the newspapers. the jerusalem post has this headline. mixed emotions on shalit's deal. feelings fluctuate from joy at the prospect that he will be free after five long years from captivity to trepidation that the release will lead to more terrorism and violence. take a look at "gulf news" shalit deal a win-win situation for all. a debate raging in israel that some believe is unethical or a betrayal of victims' memories. the majority, however, are too busy savoring the euphoria of the moment to care. finally "wall street journal asia" israel unequal exchange. sooner or later israel will learn the name of its next gilad shalit. sooner or later, too, it will
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learn that the better course is to give its enemies reasons to think twice before." it was a big propaganda coup. some of the fear now is that will they do this again? will there be more gilad shalits? >> zain verjee, thank you so much. we'll still connect with matthew chance joining us live from gaza city and we'll go to him as soon as we are able to connect. also later this hour, we'll talk with israel's ambassador to the u.s. we'll ask michael lauren why israel decided now was the right time to make the deal. secretary of state hillary clinton has just arrived in tripoli. her plane landed there just a couple hours ago. the first top u.s. official to visit libya since moammar gadhafi was driven from power. jill doherty is actually traveling with the secretary and joins us by phone now. jill, what will secretary
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clinton tell the libyan people as soon as she has a chance to speak? >> you know, kyra, i think you can say this visit is half of it is a pat on the back for the libyans, for the bravery that they showed during their revolution and the second part is a push to the political leadership here to make good on their promise for a democratic transition. after all, they're trying to put together a government election is still months away and not to mention the fact that, you know, you have gadhafi, moammar gadhafi still in hiding and fighting is going on. you can say, is this the right moment to be here? and they say it is. her message really is that this is now when the hard work begins even after they have their revolution. she's been meeting with the president and just finished a meeting with the prime minister and they're talking about that transition. what they do to get the election. how do you include parts of this
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society? how do you get women and young people involved? there will be a news conference in just a couple minutes with the prime minister and then the university town hall that will feature kind of an open forum with students. kyra? >> our jill doherty there traveling with hillary clinton. we'll follow that live event she just mentioned and continue to follow the trip and the story. well, attention republican candidates. if you want it be president, you better win over the latino vote. why no one in the current gop field is currently doing it for latinos. a boston firefighter catches a 6-year-old boy dropped from a third floor window. we'll hear from both of them right after the break. ...with its sweet honey taste, 40% daily value of fiber... ...and 80 calories per serving... may want to tell a few friends. ♪ or all of them. ♪ i'll go get my bowl.
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checking stories now across country. in oakland, california, freed u.s. hiker shane bauer and josh fattal spoke at an "occupy wall street" rally last night. take a look at this video went from day to looking like night almost immediately in lubbock, texas, right after a monster dust storm just blew through there. 8,000 feet high. boston fireman is being called a hero today. he rescued a 6-year-old boy dropped from his grandmother from the window of a burning building and he caught him, right in his arms. >> his one free arm was flailing and his legs were flailing. i wasn't sure where he was going to end up. >> she started to drop me down. >> and that big fireman was right there? >> yeah. >> happened to be at the right place at the right time. >> what did you say it him when
9:16 am
he caught you? >> thank you. >> 15 people were rescued from that fire. police arrested a man on suspicion of arson, too. well, the census bureau says that hispanics made up 7% of voters in 2010, that was a new record. a recent gallup poll put president obama's rating below 50%. he made latinos angry when he bailed on a key conference of leaders. republicans might have an opportunity here. we're talking with cnn contributor and democratic strategist maria cardona and cnn political contributor leslie sanchez. all right, maria, you say that not one of these gop candidates even knows how to speak resfe respectfully to latinos. what is the problem? >> that's exactly right, kyra. what we have seen in the past debates is they have either completely ignored the issues that are important to latinos when asked what to do to attract
9:17 am
the latino vote, not one talked respectfully about how they would create jobs, which, like other americans, is one of the key issues that are important to latinos. they went on to talk about illegal immigrants, the government dull, the fence with herman cain's joke about electroifying the fence and putting a sign saying, we'll kill you if you come over. i have to tell you, kyra, they keep digging their grave with latinos and this is according to president bush's former pollster matthew dowd. they can't win the white house without 40% of the latino vote. the gop is now in the low 20 percentage points and the gop candidates themselves neither, none of them are going to be able to break 30% at this point. >> leslie, do you agree with what maria is saying? >> i think there's some aspects that are really important when it comes to the gop and hispanics. a lot of that has to do with tone, message, inclusion and really what the vision is for
9:18 am
all americans. i think to look at latino as if they're only going to look at a few issues, like immigration, for example. or just a certain aspect of jobs is to be thinking like my parents' generation or going back to the '60s. we have to become more modern in understanding this is a very dynamic latino voting population. you're seeing independent voters. maria's point on the tone on immigration and the fence is critical and i think we have to be sure that republican candidates are sensitive to how they talk about immigration. it is not the number one issue, but it is a lens by which latinos look at the gop in general. >> back in 2004 when bush got about 40% of the latino vote, what did he do that the these republicans are not doing? maria? >> well, first of all, the first thing he brought up when he was elected in 2000 was the immigration issue of all republicans. he was actually on the right side but, clearly, what we saw is that he could not get the right wing of his party to come
9:19 am
along with that change. then what he also did very well is he actually spoke to latinos. he ran ads on telemundo and the other latino-speaking networks and prints and radio. he actually went to latino gatherings and spoke to them. what is this gop group doing? the last thing that i heard is that they were actually boycotting an important debate on univision which is the largest english speaking network. that's not how you try to convince latino voters. >> leslie -- >> leslie, let me ask you because we have to wrap this up. rick perry, wasn't he the candidate for latinos? he defended free education for the children of undocumented immigrants and he actually said last month at a debate and i have the quote here. if you say that we should not
9:20 am
educate children who have come into our state for no reason, then they've been brought there then by no fault of their own, they have a heart. those are pretty strong words. >> those are strong words. his appeal is correct and that's a long history in texas. governor bush did that, as well. the idea of in-state tuition for undocumented students is something that started its genesis at the state level, especially in texas and especially in houston. going back to that, there's inconfusion. let's not forget that al gore dropped between the democrats and going to george bush, a 19% swing in support for candidates. the message, the inclusion. yes, advertising. do they understand? they were talking about education. bush was talking about jobs and the future very reagan in ters s of bringing people together, not tearing them apart. the biggest disadvantage the democrats will have right now once we do have a nominee is looking that president's failed record on expectations and meeting the expectations of much
9:21 am
of the democratic base. we have a long way to go on the republican side. this is going to be an exampleful we do have a hispanic on our ticket as a vice presidential nominee. a lot of things that can shift in this debate and that is what we have to pay attention to. what is the vision for all americans, not just particularly a lens of immigration. >> maria and leslie, thanks for the conversation this morning. >> thank you, kyra. >> you bet. tonight live on cnn, the republican candidates for president go head-to-head in vegas. 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. richened branson is trying to make dreams of going to space a reality. we'll tell you what he's doing after the break. cious. for those of us with lactose intolerance... lactaid® milk. the original 100% lactose-free milk.
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let's get your "showbiz headlines." salina gomezis receiving death threats. a man told a shrink he had conversations with god about killing selena. j.r. martinez continues to wows the judges on "dancing with the stars." they scored last night's highest marks after performing a samba.
9:25 am
one judge told grace, i think it was your best performance. and paris jackson making history. michael jackson's only daughter became the first female at her private school to join the flag football team. jackson proves that girls can play football, too. one thing you can say about richard branson is that he looks big. cnn's zain verjee in london to tell us all about it. time to buy a ticket? how expensive will this be, zain? >> easy for you, kyra. only $200,000 a ticket. you can afford it. but the rest of us, i don't know. i don't think so. you're going to have to take a few pictures of earth for us when you're up there. about 450 people have already bought these tickets. 150 were at the opening of this new really cool hangar. it's in new mexico in the desert
9:26 am
and richard branson and his typical flair sepbrated its opening by kind of scaling down the wall of the exterior of the building and popping a bottle of champagne and then, there you go, taking a good old swig there and you can see in this video, this was actually the space vehicles. this is white knight 2 that actually carries spaceship two in the middle of it. they're doing these final rocket tests before they actually go out to space and all the lucky space tourists you, paris hilton and everyone else can enjoy that. this hangar, by the way, looks fabulously futuristic. it costs $209 million. kyra? >> i don't know, that's a lot of cash. i hope you get to skip on the moon for that amount of money. >> you know, they actually, for that amount of money, it's two and a half hours of flying and
9:27 am
only five minutes of actually being in space. sorry. >> that's okay. that's what you call not enough satellite time. sorry about that. alison, zain and i got caught up there talking about richard branson and 200,000 bucks and who knows what you get when you soar up into space. why don't we get down to the sell-off yesterday. the dow falling 250 points. hopefully we'll get better news today. what do you think? >> well, you know, i don't know if we're going to get any other good news today. so far only bad news all morning. new signs of a slow down in virtually every corner of the world. china, for instance. we found out today that china's economic growth is slowing. it's still very strong, though, when you consider what other countries are doing. china's gdp is up 9% compared to our 1.3%, but fact is, it's still slowing in china. then we got some weak bank earnings here. goldman sachs posted its first quarterly loss since the recession, this coming after
9:28 am
warning bells from jpmorgan, wells fargo and citigroup and then you spipile on more. the european debt crisis and futures sitting on the fence and my guess we'll start lower today. kyra? >> all right, alison, we'll watch the numbers just a couple minutes away from the opening bell. also, talk about israel's ambassador to the u.s. why israel decided that now was the right time to make a prisoner swap deal. ahead of tonight's republican debate in las vegas, a look at the city's economic struggles. more unemployment, more foreclosures. ♪ more and more folks are trying out snapshot from progressive.
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checking top stories now. seven candidates will face off tonight. the cnn western republican presidential debate tonight. two-thirds of gop voters haven't made up their mind. president obama on a second day bus tour. the president is pushing his jobs package, but republicans blast the trip as a taxpayer funded re-election swing. secretary of state hillary clinton is in tripoli today. she's meeting with new libyan leaders and plans to offer u.s. medical help in those wounded fighting with gadhafi loyalists. one israeli soldier exchanged for more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners. a prisoner swap that might get the peace process moving, again.
9:32 am
listen to what gilad shalit said after she spent five years as a captive of palestinian milita s militants. >> translator: i hope this deal would achieve peace between palestinian and israeli side. and that this would support the corporation between the two sides. >> israel's ambassador to the u.s. michael orrin joins me from d.c. good to see you. what do you think about what shalit had to say? is this going to push peace forward? >> good morning, kyra. good to be with you. first of all, we share in the joy of gilad's release. after being held for foive year without as much as a red cross visit. he has been reunite would his family. we also partake of the pain of the victims of the terrorists we had to release in order to obtain gilad shalit's freedom.
9:33 am
will it advance? above all what this deal has proven is that the israeli government has taken a very hard decision here and it proves that the israeli government is capable of taking the hard decisions whether in strengthening our society to better defend ourselves or to perhaps make a peace deal once the palestinians actually return to the negotiating table. >> mr. ambassador, what makes this so different? this deal so differents the past discussions. both sides have been talking about these numbers of released prisoners for some time. what really changed here and what's happening now? >> it's happening now because hamas greatly reduced its demands. hamas is having a hard time in gaza, the economic situation there is not good and it's headquarters in syria is being threatened by the uprising for democracy there. so, hamas was able to reduce its demands and enable us to conclude this deal. and, again, we are delighted that gilad shalit has been
9:34 am
reunited with his family and all of israel is celebrating today. >> let's recognize the fact that convicted murderers being released here and concern about these committing new attacks. a step further and ask you if this government has strengthened hamas at the expense of a more moderate fattah. >> keep in mind, we have a citizens army, kyra. we don't have a volunteer army. we send our kids out to defend ourselves. i sent two sons and a daughter into the army to defend the state of israel and those kids have to know that if god forbid anything happens to them, they're captured or worse, the state will do everything in its power to get them back and that strengthens us. that has strengthened us since the day of israel's creation 63 days ago and similar exchanges in the past after the 1967 six-day war, we exchanged over 6,000 arab prisoners for two israeli pilots. that type of commitment to our children who are out to defend
9:35 am
our country has enabled us to remain strong in the face of terror. >> michael oren, thank you for your time this morning. we're less than 12 hours away from a cnn western debate in las vegas. for the candidates, another chance the whack at their opponents. for the city, a chance at hundreds of visitors and money in their wallets. t.j. holmes has been finding out, pretty tough times in vegas right now, t.j. >> hey, good morning to you, there kyra. no doubt about it. i tell you they brought in 8 billion in revenue last year in vegas, that's pretty good. it was closer to $10 billion a couple years ago, gives you an idea of how much trouble this place is in. that's why las vegas and nevada as a whole going to be a very captive audience for our debate tonight. welcome to las vegas. underneath the glittering lights and entertainment, a city that's struggling in the down economy. just ask the cab drivers. >> you think people don't get it
9:36 am
how bad you hurt? >> they don't. the strip will be busy to them. we know it's not. >> people are coming to vegas but hesitant to spend money. >> reporter: he says business is starting to pick up, but it's not enough by itself. >> other people in other parts of the country are rolling in, locals still don't have the confidence that they can go out and start buying homes again and making money. >> reporter: construction the engine of the vegas boom has come to a standstill. the unemployment rate 14.2%. the foreclosure rate is higher here than anywhere else in the country. one of the few places that's bustling, vet serve which provides meals for threat veterans that can't afford them. >> the number one reason veterans coming to us right now is unemployment. >> this is fremont street.
9:37 am
>> reporter: works for the internet premier shoe shopping network site, they're relocating 1,200 employees to old vegas. >> for us the community and the locals are first. and if we happen to create something that's really, really cool as a community and they want to come to visit, that's awesome. we love that. i think the most important thing we can do as a community is really focus on creating the elements in downtown las vegas that serve the community and not fall into the trap that the strip has fallen into for all the right reasons which is we need to serve the tourist community and make sure it works for them first and the locals second. >> so, no doubt the economy is a big part of our conversation tonight. a big part in the debate is not just about visitors coming in and spending more of their money down here on the las vegas strip. it's a diversification of the economy. yes, gambling is always going to be a big part of it, but the diversification comes with you coming and seeing a show. you coming and actually, i don't
9:38 am
know, having a good dinner. also, the diversification, kyra, comes with the outside, the outside of the las vegas strip. people here in the local economy making this economy look a little different than it has in the past. kind of hard to imagine, if you will, kyra. you come to vagus and i can't imagine what you do, but i assume you're on the strip and spending a little cash. but they need people to do a little more than that, all right. >> when i go to vegas, i go to church, t.j. unlike your big night out last night. but that's a whole other story. >> there is not a church, i haven't seen a church in vegas in years. >> t.j. holmes, live from vegas. don't forget the cnn western republican debate tonight 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific. four gop candidates said they were called by god to run. speaking of church. so, which does he want in the white house? l.z. granderson mulls that over. prince william speaks out
9:39 am
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michele bachmann, herman cain, rick sanatorium all say they were called by god to run for president. even the creator hedging his bets or somebody's mistaken that's according to l.z. gran r erson. who does god want in the white house? l.z., aren't you being a little harsh here if these candidates say they're running for president is a calling. what's wrong with that? >> you know what, absolutely nothing up until last week. that's when i just sort of looked at the political landscape and almost blew a gasket because if you heard the words of rick perry's wife in which she pretty much said the other candidates may have felt like they were called by god, but i know that we were and then
9:43 am
rick perry goes on "good morning america" and says he supports what his wife said. herman cain is on the christian broadcasting network and he said he had a full conversation with god in which god had to convince him to run and he was like moses. once again, that level of conversation, that level of rhetoric, i felt that i needed to say, hey, wait a minute. these four candidates and two of them saying it was me and i think we should probably have a larger conversation about it and not just dismiss it. >> are you saying they're di dis disingenuous? >> i would say people who interviewed them or during tonight's debate that we actually ask them about these procloimations. if they're using their spirituality as a way to corral the evangelical vote i think it's fair we say, hey, four of you said you were called by god or led by god or said that god want you to run. can you explain to me how all four different people are told by the higher power to run for the one office? i think that would be an
9:44 am
interesting conversation and one that christians should want to hear. >> l.z. granderson, one i would want to hear for sure. if you would like, join the conversation and leave a comment for him. prince william gets political. up next, the message he has for the government and their plans to develop park land. michael jackson's "thriller" video comes to live in the form of flash mob. [ boy ] hey, i thought these were electric? uh, it is, yeah, it's a chevy volt. so what are you doing at a gas station? well it still takes gas to go farther. but you're not getting gas. true. not this time. uh, don't have to gas up very often. so you have to go to the bathroom? no. yes you do. thought these were electric? yes, it's a uh, a chevy volt. so what are you doing at a gas station? exclusive to the military. and commitment is not limited to one's military oath.
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9:47 am
they're hoping to get one of 5,000 wrist bands that guaran e guarantees them a visit to see a doctor and a dentist. ♪ this was a star-studded performance in austin to benefit central texas wildfire victims. willie nelson, george straight, just a few of the singers that came out. the goal to raise $500,000. and springfield, mass, people stopped in their tracks to watch a flash mob perform the classic moves from michael jackson's "thriller" video. a show being held later in the week. well, prince william is getting political. he's launching a campaign to protect parks from developers. max foster has a copy of the video that he's using to spread his message. max, why is prince william so passionate about this cause? >> well, we've gotten this video today, he was speaking at his father's house and he's
9:48 am
concerned. there is this background here in the uk, lots of pressure on housing. the government is under some sort of pressure to allow more development. but prince william is a concern that green space is in cities and on the countryside should be protected. he's most concerned about the local park and the playing field where people do their sports and he wants to protect that. what he's doing is speaking to people across britain saying, look, a local park, a local bit of grass that you want protected, e-mail my charity. we're going to try to get that protected long term for you. he's saying in this video, many of these sites may be lost in the future if they're not protected and he's concerned looking athead the london olympics next year that people won't have a local playing field and he's there to really try to protect those fields of people, he's saying. >> all right, also a big change in the way the whole royal family gets its money, right? what's that all about? >> we have to go back to 1760 to understand this one, kyra.
9:49 am
>> that's a long time, max. >> taking it back a bit. the way the queen is funded right now is through a grant. here's back to 1760 when the moment basically handed over all the royal property to the government and in return they get this annual grant and it's around $20 million a year and she uses that to support the whole royal family, including prince william. that system is changing today. so, this property that i'm talking about makes profits every year and the queen will get 15% of the profits from the crown estate, streets like region street and they are going to get that. it does mean instead of having a set income each year, it's going to go up and down depend sx doa the state of the economy and the property prices. people say that the monarchy has to grin and bear the economy like the rest of us. getting a bit more realistic, maybe. >> nothing wrong with that.
9:50 am
times are changing. thanks, mack. dan wheldon's final sign of love for his wife. the indy racer got a tattoo the night before he died. you'll see it in sports, seven minutes from now.
9:51 am
9:52 am
well, here's a look at stories making news later today at 11:20 eastern when president obama speaks at a college in jamestown, north carolina, to sell his jobs plan. in new york the protestors will join other social activists at a vigil outside lincoln center at 7:00 eastern. then at 8:00 tune in for the republican presidential debate, seven candidates swearing off in las vegas. mplts let's go to our senior
9:53 am
political editor now, mark preston. >> well, as you said, later today seven candidates for the republican presidential nomination will take the stage here on the las vegas strip to make their case why they should be the new republican presidential nominee. i'm have more at the top of the hour. hi, i'm zain in london telling you what newspapers around the world are saying ability a dramatic and extraordinary day. the israeli/palestinian prisoner exchange, one israeli soldier from more than 1,000 palestinian presidents. i'm alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. has the coffee business run its course? they are looking to squeeze profits out of the juice business now. more details next hour. see you soon. next hour, more heartbreak after the death of a beloved indy car driver. the owner of dan wheldon's dream says he may not be able to go
9:54 am
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9:57 am
when his car can reamed into the turn at las vegas motor speedway on sunday. >> he was born to be a racer and yesterday left us doing what he loved to do. he was a true champion and a gentleman on and off the track. words cannot describe how much our family will miss him. >> we did find this out, the night before the crash wheldon and his wife each got each other's initials tattooed on their wrists. the pick was posted by mark waters who ran into the couple in vegas. waters sent the photo to dan's sister holly after dan died. monday night football last night, the new york jets took on the miami dolphins. miami looking for the first win. matt moore going for a touchdown, instead intercepted by jets quarterback derell revis. he goes 100 yards for a touchdown return. the jets end the three-game losing streak beating the
9:58 am
dolphins 24-6. miami is 0-5. nhl now, pittsburgh at win peg, the opening face-off of the game and the penns are in immediate trouble. a 3-2 for the jets and kyle weldon scores on to beat the penguins. the first win for the franchise since moving from the atlanta. we have to check out this stunt from a dunk contest. josh thompson, that's his mom in front of the basket with her back to him. thompson, he's ready to go. mom, you're a loving mother, because you're willing to test that out. thankfully he elevated plenty. that's some love between a mother and son being willing to do that. >> a lot of trust. >> he had to earn that, for sure. >> hopefully he'll be earning a lot of money to take care of her when she retires, right?
9:59 am
thank you, jeff. >> okay. as we reach the top of the hour we are counting down in las vegas. seven presidential candidates ready to rumble in the cnn western republican debate getting underway less than ten hours from now and the stakes are high. a new poll shows two of three republican voters have still not decided on a nominee. senior political editor mark preston is live in las vegas with the new poll numbers released a few hours ago. >> no doubt, keira. we'll look at the new poll numbers from cnn. just a few hours ago they came out. the mood of the country for republican voters who they want to see as their presidential nominee. we'll take a quick look at the numbers. mitt romney at 51%. the big argument for mitt romney is he would be the best kabd candidate to go against president obama. followed by herman cain with
10:00 am
18%. then after that rick perry, who when he entered the race back in august, was considered the frontrunner. then after that everyone else drops down into the low single digits. looking at these poll numbers right now, it shows you how important this debate will be tonight, keira, here at the venetian. all the candidates are trying to make their case to republican voters why they should be the gop nominee against president obama in november of 2012. >> all right, we are watching the video now -- sped up, of course, on this set that was developed. tell us more about it, what it took, what's unique about it? >> it is amazing. if you look at that right there, that set was built in a few days, which hasn't been done in the past to build a structure like that where you'll have more than 1,000 people attending this debate, that's just amazing. again, the techs and the lighting people, everybody, the designers got behind that and put it up in a few days.
10:01 am
when you are looking at that stage, you are going to see three people in the middle. you will see mitt romney flanked on each side by rick perry and herman cain. these are the three candidates right now that people think have the best shot of winning the republican presidential nomination. in addition to that, questions are not only going to come from anderson cooper moderating the debate, but from republican voters in the audience who want to hear why each of the candidates think they have the answers to turn this economy around. keira? >> all right, mark, thanks. herman cain has been capturing the buzz and the criticism. his latest misstep involves illegal immigration that worries the republican leaders. that's because of the growing power of the latino vote. in 2000 there were just over 13 million eligible latino voters. a decade later the number skyrocketed to more than 21 million. jim acosta takes a loser look. >> reporter: >> when i'm in charge of the fence we'll have a fence. >> reporter: herman cain says these comments on illegal
10:02 am
crossing of the border didn't cross the line. >> it will be 20 feet high with barbed wire on the top, it will be electrified and there's going to be a sign on the other side that says it will kill you. warning. mr. cain, that's insensetive. no, it is insensitive for them to be killing our citizenses, killing our border agents. >> reporter: the businessman said he was only kidding. >> it was a joke, john. yeah, i have to learn how to be politically correct yet, so it probably wasn't the right thing to say and i admit i did not mean to offend anybody. >> this is the education offerman cain. he's learning the difference between being a minor league candidate and all of a sudden being at the top of the heap. there are things you can say when you are getting attention that you just can't say when people are looking at you as a serious contender. >> reporter: cain made the days a couple days before meeting joe alpiro, the donald trump of illegal immigration politics.
10:03 am
alpiro is getting calls from several republican contenders and says cain was right on message. >> i like this guy because he's unconventional, controversial, tells it like it is, kind of like me. >> yeah. >> reporter: but latino republicans worry tough talk will backfire. >> this is a type of rhetoric turning off a lot of latino voters in the past and i think that's a bit unfortunate from the republican point of view, but the fact that he's trying to walk back his comments now i think is telling. >> illegal sneaking across our border, putting americans' safety and jobs at risk. >> reporter: in nevada republican senate candidate sharon angle outraged hispanics with this attacked a portraying illegal immigrants. harry reid went on to capture nearly 90% of the latino vote. but the latest cnn orc poll
10:04 am
finds cain's style is catching fire. he's neck and neck with mitt romney and traded places with rick perry who were seen by tea party activists weak on immigration. cain is also major worry for romney in poll after poll it appears the massachusetts governor has peaked among supporters in republicans. >> there's a natural ceiling. if you go back and look at the race last time, he ran into a natural ceiling. >> reporter: one of the big questions for tonight's debate is whether the other candidates on the stage will challenge herman cain on the immigration comments. after all, the race for the gop nomination, keira, has been very much a race to the right on the issue of illegal immigration. >> well, you talk about the latino vote in the republican primary, but how about in the general election? >> reporter: that is the big worry for republicans. a lot of this might make sense right now in the republican nomination battle. you uh saw mitt romney taking on rick perry coming down hard on the texas governor of the issue
10:05 am
of tuition breaks for children of the undocumented workers in texas. keep in mind, back in 2008 president obama captured 70% of the latino vote. while the immigration politics being played right now in the republican party specifically by herman cain may play well to the tea party base, they may hear those comments they heard over the weekend on saturday out in tennessee and think, oh, yeah, he was only joking, but that is not going to sit well with a lot of latino voters who will have a big influence on the outcome come november next year. >> all right. jim acosta live for us in vegas. tonight live on cnn the republican candidates for president go head-to-head there in vegas. the western republican presidential debate tonight right here on cnn at 8:00 eastern. well, president obama hits the midway point of his three-day bus tour today in north carolina where he scooped up some sweets at a local candy store, but there's no sugar coating his message to republicans in congress. he'll calling on them to pass the main elements of his jobs plan and get more americans back to work.
10:06 am
stay with us. next hour president obama pitches the american jobs act at a community college in jamestown scheduled for 11:20 eastern. we'll carry the remarks live. secretary of state hillary clinton landed live in tripoli. jill to her ty is traveling with the secretary and filed this report for us. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton wheels down in tripoli, libya, the first cabinet level u.s. official to visit the cabal capital since 2008 and since operation forces liberated it from gadhafi loyalists two months ago. data fee gadhafi remains at large with battles raging in two elected cities, but a senior state department official traveling with the secretary told reporters, i think it is exactly the right time for us to be coming. clinton's mission, congratulate the libyan people on what they have achieved so far, offer a partnership with the u.s. and meet with leaders of the ruling national transitional council to
10:07 am
discuss its challenging political road map. one of the biggest issues, dream treatment of wounded fighters. 15,000 of them including 1500 amputees according to u.s. officials. secretary clinton plans to unveil a five-part program to help them, including spare parts for medical equipment and possibly bringing some of the wounded to the united states for specialized care. clinton is also bringing more money for hunting down and destoring and finding heat-seeking missiles. clinton's visit to tripoli was conducted under tight security. gadhafi and the state department officials still have henchmen, loyalists and thugs, although the officials deny gadhafi is coordinated the resistance. i wouldn't estimate his ability to be a lethal nuisance the officials say, but i'm also convinced the libyan people are going to prevail. jill dougherty, cnn, tripoli. gila disease shalit spent
10:08 am
five years in captivity with his freedom traded for more than 1,000 pal strin yan prisoners. we are tracking the pictures for us now. zain, let's talk about how the world is reacting to the news. you are following the headlines throughout the morning. >> reporter: yeah, let me tell you a little bit on what's being said. there's a lot of mixed reaction to what is happening with the palestinian prisoner exchanges as we look at these live pictures. let me tell you what the post headline is. it says, mixed emotions on shalit deal. feelings fluctuate from joy at the prospect that shalit will finally be free after more than five long years of captivity to trepidation that the release will lead to more terrorism and violence. gulf news that is having this headline, shalit deal a win-win for all. there is a debate raging in
10:09 am
israel over the wisdom of the swap which some believe in unethical or a betrayal of victims' memories. some say there's euphoria of the moment to care. then the wall street journal asia, israel's unequal exchange. sooner or later israel will learn the name of the next gilad shalit. it will learn better reasons to think twice before taking hostages in the first place. >> zain live for us out of london. fred pikan is live in northern israel, what's the reaction from there? >> reporter: well, people are elated that gilad shalit is on his way back after 5 1/2 years in captivity. people are gathering in the streets here dpraping the entire streets with posters of him with
10:10 am
signs saying welcome home, and a lot have the israeli flag. they have also been placing white roses on the sidewalk of the street where to find the house of the shalits. even with some of the controversy here, zain was just talking about that controversy a second ago, they feel that in effect this was a good deal and they are happy it went through. we'll listen in to what one man said earlier today. >> translator: i hope that this still will help to achieve peace between the palestinian and israeli sides. and this would support the corporation between the two sides. >> reporter: that was not the sound i was talking about. that was gilad shalit speaking there with egyptian tv. people are happy here wanting to welcome him home, but they will
10:11 am
give him time to sort of sort things out with himself. people say he now needs time for himself after, of course, what was 5 1/2 years of a very, very traumatizing experience. >> all right. fred plikan, we'll be following that homecoming with you. we'll talk to matthew chance who is joining us live from gaza city where celebrations on a different front are taking place there. meanwhile, straight ahead, a boston firefighter catches a 6-year-old boy dropped from a third-floor window. >> 22, yes. >> reporter: have you ever seen anything like this? >> like that, no. i hope i don't in the next 22 years. >> we'll hear more from the fireman and the little boy he saved right after the break. [ female announcer ] today, your busy schedule
10:12 am
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10:14 am
a boston fireman is call adhere row today as he rescued a 6-year-old boy dropped by his grandmother from the window of a burning building. listen to how he caught him right in his arms. >> one free arm was flailing, his legs were flailing, so i wasn't sure when she dropped him where he was going to end up. >> she started to drop me down. >> that big fireman was right there? >> yeah. >> i happened to be in the right place at the right time. >> what did you say to him when he caught you? >> thank you. >> 15 people were rescued. police have arrested a man now on a suspicion of arson. and a freed u.s. hiker shane bauer and josh fattal spoke at a wall street rally last night. their first hometown appearance since being released just one month ago. and take a look at this
10:15 am
video that went from day tonight almost immediately in lubbock, texas. this was right after a monster dust storm just blew through the city. strong winds churned up a rolling cloud of dust. guess how high it was? 8,000 feet. philadelphia police and fbi are trying to get their heads around the scope of a fraud and abuse case. three people are accused of holding four mentally challenged adults as prisoners and stealing their social security checks. cops say the suspected ring leader had ids belonging to dozens of different people and may have been scamming folks for years. meantime, we are getting a first look into the filthy basement that was called the dungeon. that's where the victims were found last weekend. and we have first-hand accounts. we are hearing what was done to them. >> that was real dirty of you. that was wrong. >> did you guys willingly give
10:16 am
you her information? >> she asked for it. she took it. >> the police are also investigating with authorities to find out if a missing girl if florida that turned up is also associated with that case. starbucks could get into the juice bar business. we'll take a look at that coming up. also, kelsey grammar had a nasty divorce with his wife, camille. he still gave her a parting gift. we'll find out what it was in today's showbiz headlines.
10:17 am
10:18 am
kelsey grammar opens up about his marriage and divorce
10:19 am
and last night he was on "piers morgan tonight." "showbiz tonight" host a.j. hammer has all the scoop. hey, a.j. >> i don't think she's thinking they are interesting this morning, keira, but that remains to be seen. these guys had an ugly breakup by hollywood standards. a lot of it was chronicled with camille's appearance on "the real housewives of beverly hills." but we had not heard what happened from kelsey grammar until now. he covered his politics and past and kelsey, of course, being best known as tv east frasier crane pulled no punches in talking about his ex. he believes camille married him for his celebrity. check out what he said. >> the real housewives was my parting gift for her. it was my way of saying, look, you wanted to be famous, here you go. >> do you think she married you
10:20 am
because you were kelsey grammar, tv icon. >> i think she married me because i was frasier. >> he says he has now found true love with his fourth wife, kate. having spent time getting to know camille over the past couple of years, it's an easy bet she's not pleased with what kelsey is saying. >> susan sarandon is facing scrutiny over comments she made about the pope. >> she called pope benedict xvi a nazi at the film festival in new york over the weekend. she reportedly told an interviewer at the festival she sent the pope a copy of the anti-death copy "dead man walking." she starred in the film adaptation of that book. apparently she said that last one, not this one now. catholics slammed her and jewish
10:21 am
leaders joined the catholic groups with the anti-defamation act blasting the actress demanding she apologize. i want to read what the adl said in its website, ms. sarandon may have her differences with the catholic church, but that is no excuse for throwing around nazi analogies. such words are hateful, vindictive and only serve to diminish the true history and meaning of the holocaust. those comments were completely uncalled for. we have reached out to sarandon's reps but we have not heard back from them. we'll keep you posted on this one as we have not heard the last on this. >> it is tuesday, that means we have a "dancing with the stars" update. >> it was a fun night, '80s night on week five of the reality show. we are at the halfway point. retro was the theme last night. it was a lot of fun to watch with big hair, shoulder pads, leg warmers and the bengals as
10:22 am
well. jay martinez was at the top of the list. nancy grace danced a rumba with nice comments from the panel as well. "showbiz tonight" was there backstage with nancy who was telling us how all the dancing is really turning her into the incredible shrinking prosecutor. listen to what she told us. >> actually, since yesterday they had to take this in again. isn't that crazy? >> so i don't think she had any idea, care ra, number one she would get fit by doing this, but number two we would be at the halfway mark and she would still be on the show. now she told me last week she's feeling more pressure than she was back at the beginning. >> nancy is one that handles pressure very well. the incredible shrinking prosecutor, i can see that as her next book, a.j. we'll keep following her moves. if you want everything
10:23 am
breaking in the entertainment world, a.j. has it every night. "showbiz tonight" on hln at 11:00 p.m. the candidates are getting ready for tonight's gop debate in las vegas. john mccain told rick perry to get some rest. we'll find out the other advice given to the candidates after the break. [ male announcer ] it's true...
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10:26 am
checking top storiesnow, secretary of state hillary clinton is in tripoli today meeting with libyan leaders and plans to offer help with those fighting with gadhafi loyalists. president obama is on a second day of his bus tour in north carolina. he is pushing his jobs package but republicans blast the trip as a tax-payer funded re-election swing. and gilad shalit is a free man. israel swapped more than 1,000 libyan prisoners for him today. well, doctors --
10:27 am
>> those kids have to know if god forbid anything happens to them, if they are captured or worse, the state will do anything in its power to get them back. and that strengthens us. that has strengthened us since the day of israel' creation 63 years ago. we have had similar exchanges in the past after the 1967 six-day war, we exchanged 6,000 prisoners for two israeli pilots. that type of commitment to our children who vow to defend our country has enabled us to remain strong in the face of terror. >> kevin flower in jerusalem for us right now, tell us exactly what's happening in gaza city. >> reporter: well, right now there are tens of thousands of gazans on the street of gaza city in preparation for a celebratory event welcoming these hundreds of prisoners who made it back into the gaza strip this morning. now, several hundred prisoners
10:28 am
are going to the gaza strip. they were met initially at the rafa crossing by a smaller ceremony. they were met by the hamas prime minister. and these prisoners are being greeted as concurring heroes in a way, and we saw something similar happening in the west bank as well where a slightly lesser number of prisoners were released, but still over 100, and they made their way ultimately to the political capital where they were greeted in person one by one by the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas. it is interesting to note that president abbas and then the hamas party in gaza, they're both trying to capitalize on the political fortunes of these prisoners being released. and we actually saw abbas speaking to the assembled palestinians alongside west bank hamas political figures stressing unity between the two
10:29 am
parties. now, it is worth noting to our viewers that these two parties fattah in the west bank and hamas in the east bank have been bitter opponents for many years and unable to reconcile political differences. at least publicly they are saying this prisoner release is a chance for them to sort of bury the collective hatchet. >> it will be fascinating to see how things develop with regard to the peace process. kevin flower with perspective from gaza this morning. thanks. the political buzz rapid fire, a look at the best political top ins of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. robert zimmerman, chris messler and patricia murphy. first question, john huntsman passes on the debate to campaign in new hampshire. smart move or beginning of the end. robert? >> well, keira, john huntsman was only relevant to political
10:30 am
pundits and members of the media with too much time on their hands. obviously he's trying to upstage his competitors in new hampshire by not participating in the las vegas debate. the problem is based upon his past debate performances, how will anyone know if he's there or not? >> chris? >> well, there are a couple things -- i think what he's doing is demonstrating he has a good grasp of the obvious. the fat lady has sung at this point. so it would have been better for him to issue a statement saying i'm out of the race, because at the end of the day he's done, stick a fork in him. >> patricia? >> well, this is what john huntsman needs to do, but it is not the beginning of the end. it is really over for jon huntsman. he's polling at zero percent. it's mostly people who don't know what the question is. i think it also ended when he gave his speech in front of the statue of liberty. he doesn't have the charisma to get up there and doesn't have enough money to keep going.
10:31 am
he's already lent his campaign $2 million. he's even in debt despite that, so new hampshire is the only place he can play. it's the only place where he can kind of jumpstart his campaign with the least investment possible. it's a good move but he's not going to win. >> all right. on today some candidates claim, quote, they were called by god to run for president. who needs divine intervention, chris? >> well, first of all, i think it was a bit harsh, but in any event, in terms of divine intervention, at this point perry needs divine intervention. he needs to find intervention because he needs to be absolutely sure that he can do more than just show up at the debates. he kind of reminds me of the debates as some of my students in class who are simply there trying to figure out kind of what grade they are going to get. and that's pretty much what he's been doing. so i think he needs divine intervention so he can break away from the pact. he's not been able to do that.
10:32 am
>> robert? >> first of all, is a must-read for everyone from every political background. it is a great piece, but the reality here is after watching all these republican presidential candidates sit silently by while a soldier was booed because of his sexual orientation, we are watching these same candidates hide from the issue of religious bigotry or exploit it during this campaign or watch them, for that matter, sit silently while members of the republican audience cheered over people not getting health insurance. i think they need divine intervention to understand the constitution and need a conscious. >> patricia. >> mitt romney needs divine intervention. he literally needs a religious intervention. there are about 44% of evangelicals making up the republican voters. 42% of them said they would never vote for a mormon. he needs something to change that dynamic. there's no way for mitt romney around this dynamic with the
10:33 am
evangelical voters without divine intervention. >> 20 seconds each on this one. john mccain gave rick perry device tonight, quote, get some rest. pick a candidate and in 20 seconds give them your piece of advice for tonight. patricia? >> oh, i would say to herman cain, get ready. because people are going to come after him. they are going to come after his 9-9-9 plan and after everything he said about the electrified fence and he needs to transition from a radio personality to a legitimate presidential candidate. tonight the night for him. >> robert? >> not many republican candidate call on me for advice, but mine is for herman cain. very frankly, my advice is after his pathetic attempt at humor and after issuing statements two years ago denouncing his own 9-9-9 plan, i would say fire your comedy writers, stop referring to your book publicist
10:34 am
as your top advisor. these are serious times and we serious discussions on the issues. >> chris, bring us home. >> okay. for michele bachmann, your base is leaving you rapidly, so at this point you have to go after herman cain tonight. you have to go after him very hard. you have to kind of take a margaret thatcher approach relative to cain. go after him with the glove on but ensure that it is, in fact, a stinging glove. because if you don't it will be the end. >> i would just envision margaret thatcher as an adviser to the gop. holy cow! that could be interesting. >> that would be very effective. >> there you go. >> thank you, guys. see you later. allison costa is here watching starbucks dipping into the juicy business. >> exactly.
10:35 am
starbucks is shaking it up. reportedly they are thinking about selling fresh made to order juices. right now it is just talk, but starbucks did hire a former manager from a juice bar here in new york city. so i know you are scratching your head thinking, why should starbucks sell juice. why not? because of global warming. the starbucks executive talked to "the guardian" newspaper saying in 30 years he sees starbucks's supply chain at risk because of global warming. look at the changing in severe weather we are having, new pests hitting crops, we are already seeing coffee prices on the rise. just in the past year take a look at this, cough free prices are up 26%. arbucks is trying to diversify and not rely on one thing. it now offers breakfast, beer and wine and sells coffee in grocery stores. >> as for the markets, major banks reporting earnings today. why is that so important? >> reporter: well, like it or not, banks are the lifeline of the economy and keep the money flowing. but we have been hearing of the slowdown and more layoffs.
10:36 am
today goldman sachs posted the first quarterly loss since the recession. this follows warning signs this past week from jpmorgan, citigroup, wells fargo, but we are watching bank stocks rise probably because the bargain hunters are getting out there because bank stocks were hit so hard. ibm is dragging the market down almost 5%. overall market, modest losses with the dow down 16 points. one of those mixed kind of days. >> all right. allison, thanks. herman cain just keeps charming them. >> i think he's more like me than anyone else running and i'm going to vote for him. >> tell me why you think he is more like yourself than anyone running. >> he's a country boy. >> millionaire businessman, former lobbyist and country boy, herman cain has something for everybody it seems. we'll go in depth next. and more than $220 billion in one year, that's how much the u.s. paid in excessive drinking costs according to a new study. there's also surprising news about where the biggest losses come from just ahead.
10:37 am
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in los angeles thousands of people camping out in a parking lot for free health care. hoping to get one of 5,000 wristbands that guarantees them to see a doctor and a dentist. it is a nonprofit organization that's offering the free services for the next four days. ♪ this star-studded performance was in austin to benefit victims. they hope this concert raises $500,000. and in springfield, mass, people watched the flash mob perform the classic moves from michael jackson's classic "thriller" video. they plan to promote a show held later in the week.
10:41 am
well, all week we are going in depth on herman cain, the develop candidate vaulted into the headlines and the hearts of voters. terry tuckman takes a closer look. >> no more entitlement. >> reporter: say this about herman cain, he's running a different sort of campaign for the republican presidential nomination. >> instead of a signature on a photograph, i want to be leaving you all something special i hadn't done all day. ♪ amazing grace will always be >> reporter: the georgia native is a recorded gospel singer and pastor. what's new is his frontrunner status. now mccain who has nod done much traditional cam paining is doing just that. >> he's a businessman and can
10:42 am
get it done. >> reporter: for many the idea that cain is an outsider is part of his appeal. at tennessee university he came to like this banner, honkies for herman. >> i'm sure your neighbors are saying, you're going to one of those tea party rallies? they are trying to intimidate you to stay home. well, aren't they a bunch of racists? well -- when i looked in the mirror this morning i was black. >> reporter: over the weekend cain barnstormed through tennessee attending six rallies. there are fewer than 20,000 people who live here in hump fris county, tennessee. yet this turnout is huge, particularly for this area. >> all of a sudden the lone shot isn't such a long shot anymore. how about them apples?
10:43 am
>> i like romney and if he gets the nomination i'll support him. but i think that herman cain is more in touch with what the peop a straight shooter and just like some of the conservative views he's putting out there. >> i think he's more like me than anyone else running. and i would vote for him. >> reporter: tell me why you think he's more like yourself than anyone running? >> he's a country boy. >> reporter: a lot of people are telling us they like you because you are plain spoken, a man of the people. at 76 they said that about jimmy carter. >> yeah. >> reporter: any comparisons there? >> no comparison at all. >> reporter: cain likes to compare himself to ronald reagan and talks about the shining city on a hill and seems himself as an economic savior. >> it is called the 9-9-9 plan! >> cape's 9-9-9 tax plan is a
10:44 am
madison catch phrase. >> i like the 9-9-9 plan, especially with the sales tax part of it. >> reporter:erman cain says he's in it to win it. as he tries to get those who doubt the viability of his candidacy to change their tune. ♪ >> i love you. >> reporter: gary tuckman, cnn, tennessee. >> live tonight the republican presidential candidates go head-to-head in vegas. the western presidential debate at 8:00 eastern here on cnn. drinking is a pretty hefty price tag now. it costs $746 for every man, woman and child in the u.s. in 2006 that cost totaled $223 billion.
10:45 am
loss in workplace productivity account for 72% of the cost. health care experiences from excessive drinking comes to 11%. other loss calculated include law enforcement expenses and motor vehicle crashes. more heartbreak after the death of a beloved indy car driver. the owner of dan wheldon's team says he may not be able to go on. and a nascar driver is raising serious safety questions.
10:46 am
10:47 am
10:48 am
well, the family is shaken and the racing world is still reeling over the death of dan wheldon. don is following this story for us from london. >> reporter: keira, thank you. this is a tragic story. of course, it is sadder when you hear this. it emerged that on saturday night just before this tragic accident in las vegas that dan wheldon and his wife went to a tattoo parlor to get each other's initials tattooed onto their wrists. and given how powerful social media is these days, this picture emerged because a man called mark waters met the couple in the tattoo parlor and following his death the following afternoon on sunday he then sent that image to dan's sister holly saying, i met them both while getting tattoos. both so full of life. i'm very sorry. this is, of course, a tragedy for the entire sport community,
10:49 am
but it is really a tragedy for the family. dan's father clive has been speaking about the family's loss. >> dan was born to be a racer and yesterday left us doing what he loved to do. he was a true champion and a gentleman on and off the track. words cannot describe how much our family will miss him. >> the coroner delivered his verdict on the cause of death. we know dan wheldon died from head injuries within an hour of that accident. >> and now so many more questions being asked about safety. >> reporter: absolutely. there's quite a lot of anger and questions being asked about why the race was able to happen in the way it was. and nascar -- i'm sorry, indy car's safety record is being called into question with seven deaths now in the last 15 years. jimmy johnson is saying that
10:50 am
perhaps indy car should cease racing on oval circuits, which are incredibly fast. and today the opener of dan wheldon's team, sam schmidt, who himself was paralyzed in a racing incident a few years ago recovered and was able to run the team, but now he's considering walking away from indy car because he doesn't want to be associated with tragic incidents like this. >> don, i know that you said nascar was like a slip of the tongue, but when dale earnhardt died, we saw the changes made with regard to the helmets. and there was a lot of criticism out there about how he died and the impact that made on the sport and safety, so we probably will see changes within the indy series. >> reporter: well, you would hope so. it does require a real commitment on the part of everybody within the sport. it costs money, and indy car is an event, it is a sport struggling financially in recent years, so we would hope they have the money to be able to look at it, but i think there's
10:51 am
a lot of pressure on indy car to make changes. >> we'll follow it, don. thanks. if your blackberry was among the millions that shut down in the massive outage last week, you'll want to stick around for the next story. blackberry has a peace offering for you in the form of free stuff.
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all right. happening right now, are these live pictures or not, you guys? they are. we have live pictures coming into us. the helicopter just landed that's carrying gilad shalit now back in his hometown for the first time in more than five years. he and his family left the air
10:54 am
base just a half hour ago. his hometown is in northern israel. we were talking to our fred pliken earlier. everyone is gathering there to welcome him back. shalit was freed for the exchange and release of more than 1,000 palestinian prisoners. he was the israeli soldier that was taken in by the hamas five years ago. negotiations have been discussed, a prisoner swap deal with us discussed a number of times and it finally happened as you know within the past couple of weeks and those discussions came to a head today. the release has finally happened. live pictures once again coming into us from northern israel. the helicopter where we will see gilad shalit disembark any moment now. our reporter fred is there and
10:55 am
we'll bring it to you live. all right. we'll get the latest from las vegas as well. just about nine hours ahead of tonight's gop debate. a vationh expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia. [ inner voice ] establish connection. give me voice control. applications up. check my email and text messages. hands in position. airbags.
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anncr: get online. go to 15% or more on car insurance.r:u just nine hours from now the leading republican candidates will face off in a cnn presidential debate. one and candidate struggling to keep up will not be there.
10:58 am
mark preston, tell us about jon huntsman and his decision to boycott the debate. >> reporter: some call it the hail mare pass. jon huntsman just next door to here in nevada is going to be in new hampshire staking his whole presidential campaign on trying to win the new hampshire primary. he thinks if he can do that it will spring board him on to other primaries. he made the decision not to appear here at the debate because of a dispute between nevada and new hampshire over when they could schedule their caucuses. he said that he wants to stay in solidarity with new hampshire. he will not appear here in nevada. i has upset state officials but they don't care. they have seven other candidates on stage, including frontrunner mitt romney and, of course, herman cain, who has come out of nowhere in the past couple of weeks to really become a force right now in the republican presidential primary. >> all right. so, mark, speaking of caucus dates, iowa made a decision,
10:59 am
too, correct? >> reporter: they have. they will now hold their caucuses on january 3rd. this is the date that they held it back in 2008. what does this mean? it means that the candidates have very little time now to spend with their families over christmas, maybe christmas eve, christmas day, and then they are back out on the campaign trail. so iowa will now hold their caucuses on the third. here in nevada they hold the caucuses on the 14th. then down in south carolina their primary is on the 21st. the big question mark right now is when does new hampshire hold their primary? a very important primary. the secretary of state up in new hampshire says he could potentially hold that december. if that's the case, all bets are off about how this primary process and how they are going to choose the republican presidential nominee is all up in the air. keira? >> all right, mark, we'll be watching. don't forget, live tonight on cnn the republican candidates for president going head-to-head in las vegas. the western republican presidential debate at 8:00 eastern right here on


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